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Research Assistant positions available!

  Special Problem, Thesis and Dissertation topics are available in the following areas:  
Functional and Equational Programming
(K.B. Ramesh, Shalitha Senanayake, James Thigpen, H. Shi, Wenshan Yu, Wei Guo, Susu Liao)
Formal Verification and Formal Methods
(Sarah Hwang, Zhiyao Liang)
Logic in Computer Science
(Julian Zinn, Nicholas Radcliffe, Luis F.T. DeMoraes)
Algorithm Animation
(Qien Zhou, Mengchan Chen)
Data/Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval & Extraction
(Araly Barrera, Sanjeev Behl, Helen Liu, S. L. Narayanan, Vasanthi Vuppuluri, Avisha Das)
Computer Security/Information Assurance
(Zhiyao Liang, Wei Guo, Tanmay Thakur, Keith Dwyer, Nirmala Rai, Arthur Dunbar, Luis F.T. DeMoraes, Shahryar Baki, Daniel Lee, Boris Chernis, Devin Crane, Ayman El Aassal, Xin Zhou)
Program Analysis and Optimization
(Wei Guo)
Computer Analysis of Documents and Authorship Attribution
(Vasanthi Vuppuluri)
Parallel Algorithms and I/O
(Ling Feng, Xuewu Li, Minghua Sun, Helen Liu, S.L. Narayanan)




Students Current and Graduated:  
Wei Guo, 2013.
Susu Liao, 2009.
Zhiyao Liang, 2008.
Wenshan Yu, 2006.
S. Narayanan, 2006.
Julian Zinn, 2006.
H. Liu, 2003.
S. Behl, 2002.
H. Shi, 2000.
Xuewu Li, 1996.
Qien Zhou, 1995
Ling Feng, 1995
Minghua Sun, 1993
K.B. Ramesh, 1990